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Good Sense Hints:

  • It is important, before you start building your site, to know precisely what do you want to put in it. You will also have to decide how you will structurate all of this information.

  • Your site will have to be intelligible, and the visitor will have to find rapidly and easily the piece of information that he needs.

YAK Pro - Web Portal System Helps You, Guiding You step by step, in order to formalize your wishes.

  1. Will your site be multilingual, or not?
    Define it in the Languages sub-menu of the administration block.
    By default, the site is bilingual (English-French).
    You have to disable the language that you don't want to use.

  2. Try to summarize the future content of your site.
    These few sentences, will help your visitors to understand what they will find in your site.

  3. Define the Topics that you will write about. Try to find a small logo (small image) for each topic. This will help the visitor to visualize the topic of the news that he is currently reading.
    Use the Topics menu of the administration block to enter them.
    For each News (item) of your site, select the topic(s) the News is about.

  4. Decide if your Home Page will be made of the most recent news list, or if it will be a description page.

  5. Define the hierarchical structure of your static informations, made of chapters, and sub-chapters.
    Give a title to each chapter and each subchapter:
    They are called Pages within YAK Pro - Web Portal System.
    Define each Static News using the Pages... menu of the administration block.

  6. Define and enjoy now the look of your site, using the Graphical Themes ... menu of the administration block.
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