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Web Portal System
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Web Page Panels.

A Web Page is made of 9 Panels, that can be visible, or not visible.


Center Panel  

The Center Panel is used to display pages content.
The other Panels are used to display Blocks.


The News.

Pages content is mainly made of :

  • Pages, used to build the static part of the web site (homepage, overview, presentation, etc.) and can be associated to a Contents Table.
  • News, used for the living part of the web site.

A News is always associated to at least one Topic.
You can assign several Topics to a single News.


Privilege Levels.

There are 4 privilege levels:

  • Everyone: Corresponds to an unidentified user.
  • Member: Corresponds to user authentified as a site member.
  • Author: User that has rights to post News and to define new Topics.
  • Administrator: User that has all the rights on both site content and site look'n feel.

Each site Item (Block, Page, News, Contact, Contact attribute) is associated to a privilege level.
This corresponds to the element visibility according to the privilege level of the user that is displaying the page..


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